Palm Wax

All Natural,
Paraben Free



   The candle is wonderful I took it to the Eagles Lodge social room which is bigger than my house I lit the candle and let it burn it smelled so wonderful everyone who came in asked what they were using as they could smell it when they came in. Now could you please send me a list of your prices colors and scents?

The soy stick I bought is doing wonders on my leg.

Good Luck!


   It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten what I wanted in a candle. I can say without reservation that I’ve found what I wanted from Infusion. A friend could not say enough about the candles from Infusion. Because of that I purchased one, then two then three in a short period of time. They are truly wonderful as well as beautiful to look at. Infusion has done a superb job in hand making a candle with exquisite scents and very attractive in any room. After the 3rd candle, I tried their lip Lube and love it too. Truly, outstanding hand craftsmanship done by women who wanted and continue to hand make quality pieces with attention to detail and still maintain a green environment. I highly recommend their products.

D Baker Monterey, CA
   Dear Infusions,

I love your Bee Bar. I am not sure if you know how healing it is. I contracted a nasty virus that brought me out in extremely itchy spots. I put the Bee Bar over them about 5 times a day. It stopped all the itching and within the day all the redness was disappearing. By day 4, it was like I had never had them. Also, during this time, I had a dreadful cold and sinus infection. I went through 4 large boxes of tissues. My nose started to get sore, as did my upper lip when I was a 1/3rd of the way through the first box. I covered my nose and lips with the Bee Bar, and again, I did this several times a day. Although slightly pink, it never went to the Red Roar stage, or the skin peeling off stage from too much blowing.

The Bee Bar really is amazing.

Just thought you'd like to know

   I Love the Soy Butter product you guys carry....

THANK YOU so much!!!!!

It is so soothing to put on. It feels so good and doesn't "sting" like everything el se I've ever used does. It relieves the "open cut" pain immediately upon applying it! And the push-up applicator is so easy and "non-messy!"

You have a definite winner product with that one! I will be a long time customer ... as a matter of fact, I need to buy a couple more Now!

I also love the smell (and look) of the candle you gave me and the lip balm.



Rapid Printers, Monterey CA


I absolutely love the summer breeze candle that I bought from you yesterday!  I didn't even have to light it to have the whole room smell just like it!!!  Infusion candles are my new favorites!  I'm so glad you guys were there and I can't wait to buy more!

Claire Metzler
Pacific Hot Glass
Pacific Grove, CA