Palm Wax

All Natural,
Paraben Free



Unique candle accessories make the candle burning experience more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Combo Warmer - $16.95

This 2 piece 24 Watt Candle/Tart Combo Warmer is made of quality ceramic, and can be used with the ceramic dish as a tart warmer, or without the ceramic dish as a Jar Candle Warmer, that fits any glass jar candle up to 4" wide. The heating plate will heat the wax, melting it and releasing the scent without having to light the candle. An ordinary Jar Candle will take approximately 3 hours to melt completely. This Combo Warmer has an extra large dish for handling very large, or several regular tarts. There is an easy on/off switch located on the power cord, and a light to let you know the Warmer is on. The Combo Warmers use 24 WATTS OF POWER, which means it will heat up faster, and melt your tarts or candles, for a quicker release of fragrance, and a terrific scent throw. Approximate size is 4 1/2" x 5" and weighs about 2 1/2 pounds boxed.


Wickman Wick Trimmer - $10.95

The seven inch pewte wick trimmer will effectively trim and catch the candles wick. A specially designed tray catches wick residue to help keep your candles looking their finest. Made from steel.

Refillable Lighter - $16.95

A stylish addition to any home, this decorative torch can be left out for quick and easy access. Each 12 inch long, silver finished steel lighter is specially packaged in a black gift box. Wickman Refillable Butane Lighter

Wickman Candle Snuffer - $5.95

This 6 inch pewter finished candle snuffer has the ability to extinguish a flame from any angle. The snuffing bell is able to dangle in any direction, which makes it especially easy to snuff jar candles or tall tapers.

Wickman Wick Dipper 8" - $5.95

The unique method of extinguishing candles with a dipper eliminates smoldering and smoking, and allows retention of the pleasant fragrances provided by your candles. Each wick dipper is packaged in a black gift box. (Candles are extinguished by pushing wick into the pool of hot wax.)